Koh Samui, or simply called “Samui” is a very famous island that people around the world dream to visit. The island locates in the Gulf of Thailand, just 84 km off the east coast, close to Surat Thani province with an area of 247 sq. km. The road around the island is called “Thaweeratpuckdee road”, the total length is 52 km. Tourists always visit here in the month of January untill May, since the weather is perfect. With soft sandy beaches like Chaweng beach, Natien beach, Talingngam beach, Lamai beach and so on.

Long time ago, Samui is famous for its coconut agricultural industry. It is now a fantastic getaway for foreigners and tourists who love to visit various shops, hotels and entertainment. Samui also offers easy access to beaches, sea breezes, sunny sky stretch along the sea, white-sanded beach shaded by towering coconut trees crystal clear water, and fresh seafood. Koh Samui definitely has a magical formula that seems to cast its spell on everyone.

Samui also provides you with the only chance of being pampered by having a beach spa.The island now has several excellent spas and aquatic therapy. From aromatic stream baths through to herbal masques, botanical therapy, beauty treatment and massage therapy, these health centres would offer the best service – all in total luxury and comfort.For golfers, Samui golf clubs have been specially designed and created to evoke the traditions of the great club with fantastic landscape combined with the cultural mix of the local tradition that is still the foundation of many communities on the island, such as Wat Samrej, Wat Lamai and Laem Sor Pagoda.


Beaches around the island

1. Nathorn Beach is the beach in front of the island or on the west of the island. This beach gets its own harbor as a transportation hub. The ferry service departs from Kanom pier, Suratthani and Koh Samui to Koh Pangan. There is also a ferry service departs from Koh Samui to Koh Angthong. If you want to go to Bangkok, there’re agents selling tickets for you. All government offices, department stores, fresh market and gift shop are located here. You could walk along the beach to spend sometimes in a good restaurant for breakfast and lunch. People love to watch the sunset in the evening and watch the light from the lighthouse as a sign for the fisherman at night here.

2. Chaweng Beach sits on the east coast of the island. The beach length is about 6 km. With large and fantastic sandy beach, tourists like to swim and walk along the shore. The beach in the west called “Chaweng-noi”. The beach is nice and very wide. Especially at low tide, the sand will appear as a large football field. Some people are enchanted by its charm when the night comes, since the moon reflects off the endless white sand.

3. Lamai Beach is known for its most beautiful landscape, secluded with thousands coconut trees. Some may come here to visit a traditional place called “Lamai Temple Cultural Centre”. It stands there for almost two hundred years. You could discover the antiques like ancient lamp, ancient iron, ancient weeding tools, bird cage, musical instrument, buffalo leather shoes and coconut products made there years ago. There is also a place with a legend called, “Grandma and Grandpa rocks”, a couple sailed to find an appropriate wife for her son. On the way, the boat was caught in a storm, the couple could not make it. Therefore, they asked the God to stay there forever. Then, they turned into stone. There are also some high qualities out of town eating, drinking and accommodation options. Tourists like to buy souvenirs and coconut juice here.

4. Talingngam Beach locates on the South of Ferry Terminal. It is well known as a place people come to watch the sunset. Since Koh Si and Koh Ha Island is in front of this island, visitors could watch the sun falls into the sea between these two islands. The island is crowded with tourist from Thailand and abroad in the evening. The visitor could also rent a boat, to snorkel, dive or fish in Koh Si and Koh Ha Island.

5. Chengmon Beach sits on the northern part of the island. The island is narrow and is filled with affordable hotel. If the visitors like to have some privacy, here is a place for you. Tourist could laid-back on this white sandy beach, or even go snorkeling. When low tide, people could walk to Koh Som island.

6. Big Buddha Beach stays next to Chengmon Beach. You could travel to Koh Fan island. Koh Fan is a small island where you could drive or ride on a bike to go around the place. On Koh Fan, there is a temple, where Big Buddha (Subduing Mara) sits in. The Buddha is called “Phra Bhudda Kodom”. People all over the world come here to pay respect. It is believed that after visiting such place, they will be blessed with joy and be safe.

7.Bophut Beach residing at the North of Samui, right next to Maenam Beach. This beach is round and well known of fresh seafood. Since the fisherman live here, this place then has lots of great seafood restaurant. If you do not like to be in water but sunbathe, here is a place for you. You could easily travel to Turtle island(Koh Tao) from here.

8. Maenam Beach sits between Bophut Beach and Bangpo Beach. It is a long beach with deep sea level and high wave. Tourists come here to study about lives of the local who originally lives here for hundred years. There are many cheap bungalows and guesthouses here. You could also spend 40 minutes to travel to Koh Pangan at noon everyday.

9. Bangpo Beach is on the North West of the island. It sits between Nathorn Beach and Maenam Beach. If you stand on the seaside, you would see Koh Pangan. Here you could find cheap seafood restaurant of the locals. If travellers like to snorkel, you should stay at LaemSet, Aow Tong Takieb or Aow Tongyang.



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