When talking about the famous beaches in Thailand. We do undeniable that, "Koh Samui" is one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand. Nowadays, "Koh Samui" has changed a lot from the past, with a growing and ongoing of businesses including business accommodation hotel and resort. Also, facilities place whether shopping malls, movie theaters, golf courses and more than 1,000 accommodations are growing around "Koh Samui".
           "Sabai- Samui" was operating on the concept by the initiative of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, with creating an accommodation based on sufficiency economy without exploiting consumers. We created the homely accommodation for respond needs of each individual are not alike. Some people want to find recreational area near the sea. Some people want to be near a convenience store, shopping mall.Some people want to be near travel placesaround "Koh Samui".For the most of different reason, "Sabai- Samui" decided to invest in an accommodation that is a choice of great value to make customers have a good recreational area,worthy, clean and comfortablesuitable to be recreational area. As"Sabai - Samui" is situatedon center of tourism, whether traveling to the sea, go to the malls or nights out. No matter where to go,your mood of feelings will not far from here.Only 5-10 minutes to anywhere.
           "Sabai - Samui" are creating villa style. That's located intranquility atmosphere like staying at your own weekend house. Owing to the villas is designed with the house style, large and ranges from two bedrooms. Each of villas hasfacilities essential to the daily life as well.
           "Sabai - Samui" would be another choice of convenience and value to make your holidaywith a blissful, funny together with your family members, couples or groups of friends. "Sabai - Samui" tried desperately to attentive to every detail. Because of everyone who arrive here be like as our familymembers. Our villas arefurnished to provide a good atmosphere be like a little house, but have more striking than other accommodation.Our villas havepanorama views on balcony to make cozy atmosphere. Also, the villas have characterized in the kitchen you can buy fresh seafood around "Koh Samui", and cooking it yourself with your family members, couples or groups of friends to take a whole lifetime together in an atmosphere of happiness. That's shall be make enjoyable and memorable as well.
           If you are looking for a villa style casual; affordable price, suitable is perfectly, beautiful, clean, livable and good service. "Sabai - Samui" would be another choices to make your Samui's trip to paying less but will getmore comfortable, funny, enjoyable and pleasantness as same paying in highest price. When thinking to "Koh Samui", please think to "Sabai-Samui".
           "Sabai - Samui" family, will aim to develop quality and services to be a best worthy for you. You will traveling on comfortably style of "Sabai - Samui" Please, come to join our family.And get ready to our new project is coming soon.

           Remarks: if you need more information in each villa, please click on icon "Room rate". Also, if you interesting in our villas, you can view the pictures and information in each villa by click on number of that villas picture.



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